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links for 2009-11-18 November 18, 2009

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  1. Beverlee Getzschman Says:

    After seeing the LM6700 I went with LM7600 for one reason…the ability to adjust the refresh rate. This is hands down the most aesthetically pleasing television on the market (Samsung a close second). Here is a rating (Out of 5) of all the features that are important to some and ultimately important to most at some point.- Design (5)- Picture quality out of the box (4.5)- Screen (5) Screen is a slight gloss. Not as reflective as most Samsung models- 3D (5) Passive technology. Many settings and options for this feature.- 2D-3D Conversion (5) gives more depth to your Blu-rays and shows.- Smart TV features (4.5) A little slow but good, expected to get better with updates.- Magic Motion Remote (4) Fun to use once you get used to it, could be more accurate.- Local Dimming (5) Make great black levels with deep contrast.- 240hz True Motion (5) Many setting for this feature.- Edge-lit (5) Could not tell that this tv was edge lit, very deep contrast.- Game mode (5) No sign of lag when playing MW3 online. Takes time to adjust the setting but worth it.- 3D Glasses (5) 6 pairs of passive glasses. Light weight, doesn’t require batteries, great value- Price (5) It pays for itself because it will keep you home and not at the theatre

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