One State Solution.

The debris. October 18, 2008

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“great…i would definitely attend and express solidarity from pakistan…i personally believe that partition was a bad decision and we are living with its aftermath….
i will try and spread the words for this campaign.

From Husna Ali, in Pakistan.

27 people signed up for HAVOC. Not many, except people like Nitin Rao( what is this about?) said a thing.

But they did sign up.So I’m being autocratic about date and time.It’s officially 😉 November 3rd to the 9th 2008.

Speak now or hold your peace forever.Hold your peace anyway.


2 Responses to “The debris.”

  1. Rajendra Says:

    Great work, was busy could not sign, now I am signing, all the nations of the world have moved on after expressing their sorrow for the mistakes of their forefathers, for the sake of today and tomorrows of their future generation.

  2. Haseeb Jatoi Says:

    hi! I am extremely sorry to see you people’s replies, saying that our forefathers made a mistake when they did partition. What i consider is that this is indeed because of those people that we are living a free and a comfortable life. It was not the war for place to live, it was a war for the ideology and one’s identification. The partition said blatantly that we are Muslims, a nation, and we have our own ideology of Islam to practice our life, very much different and distinct from the Hindus and their religion and both of these religions cannot be practiced together at a place. And the riots between Hindus and Muslims in Ahmedabad, in Bombay, in Calcutta, and in Kashmir today speak very loudly that our forefathers were not wrong and gave us a gift of freedom, of our own identification. Thank u all! Haseeb from Pakistan.

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