One State Solution.

and you thought we were lying low. October 13, 2008

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‘Havoc’ is the online precursor to yes, there is going to be it is coming we are having the SECOND ONE STATE SOLUTION WEEK !!!

This event looks at planning.Logistics such as when and how and more importantly , where??

Most events that the White Ribbon Campaign has been conducting have been online.Are we at a place when we can have a physical gathering of sorts?

These are some of our concerns.And, more importantly, we are trying to


If you want to volunteer for this event in any any way then please leave your name and your e-mail address, and any other information you think is suitable on this post as a comment.(Down, Right)

The first One State Solution Week was an online event over the blogosphere as well as mailing lists(Sarai) and social networks(Orkut, Facebook) getting people to voice opinions about the resolution of communal disputes and the formation of a tighter coalition between India, Pakistan and Bangladesh that we call the ‘One State Solution’.

The event saw voices of support , exploration and dissent, but served to uncover and unearth the collective histories of communal animosities that we all have gathered and that act as pain-points for all our growth.Bringing together the tight conglomeration of religion and politics that colours most of South Asia’s history of sectarian violence and identity politics, the idea behind these events is to bring about catharsis, resolution and healing.They stem from the belief that the pain of partition and communal violence can only be washed out by a progressive cultural movement that shows us the way forward.

Some of the key values that we seek to nourish in order to engender forms of culture that speak beyond the boundaries of yore such as class, caste and religion are the freedom of information and open frameworks for artistic and cultural collaboration.

We will carry these values forward as we experiment and nurture thought and creativity irrespective of media or the tight travails and foolhardy strictures of high and low art that bind culture today.We move ahead and together and all are welcome, because you can either be against us or you can be with us, or you can be both.


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