One State Solution.

Opinion.Post opinion. September 17, 2008

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I have been active with Peace groups for a while–or at least one major one. And I am one of those who HAVE been back and forth a lot. My grandfather never migrated; most of my father’s family is “across the line”. I work with people in activist groups from all over.

But the “One State Solution” for South Asia seems to me to be …well … not what we should be talking about. First let’s try to live in peace as separate countries and, even more importantly, as separate communities in each country. Then we can talk about coming together as one. Besides, South Asia is way too large to manage as one country. It’s got more diversity and more people than all of Europe.

And in terms of peace, with my background, I don’t even feel the need to join groups just to “get to know” the “other side” or “build goodwill”. I think just people interacting with each other does that. I think we should just encourage people to visit. Have you? Have others on the blog? Just do it. Get out there and meet, build relationships, share poetry, talk, share dirty jokes. We’re more alike than Germans and Austrians, when you get down to it.

The priority, to me, should be trying to make sure that our people get a better deal out of the nation-states they are part of–whether it is one nation-state or 21 nation-states is not as important.

Sabahat Ashraf, Pakistani ‘national’.


6 Responses to “Opinion.Post opinion.”

  1. I think it’s understood that our countries are big, but when did size ever dictate governance issues in the history of South Asia.
    The idea of Pakistan was not mooted to create good governance but to divide on the basis of religion.
    That is the problem here.

  2. iFaqeer Says:

    Oh, I wish that it were that simple…

  3. True, It is not that simple, not for a common Pakistani, Bangladeshi or a Hindustani. The need is to highlight the resemblance between the people of these states by celebrating it through art. Artists, performers, writers, poets, bloggers and social activists should collectively involve in joint projects to help people understand that the people across the borders are not vicious but only people just like any other person.

    The expression “One State Solution” challenges the nationalism of the masses, the common people of the whole region which is quite dangerous and We don’t want to be doing that instead we have to make people see the bigger pictures and bring them together only then the borders and political demarcations will themselves be softened.

  4. Screen Sifar Says:

    I get your point but don’t you think that until we have dealt with Partition we cannot move on.
    What is your opinion of Partition? Do you think about it? What do you think that we as inheritors of its’ legacies should do ?

  5. iFaqeer Says:

    What should we do? Well, as I said above, we need to share the legacy. That’s the first step. Even if one humonguous state is the final goal, the first step is to sit together and share the legacy, recognize and re-build that shared legacy you mention. If one state comes about, it should be a merger, not an acquisition, if you get what I mean. The larger entity is NOT today’s India, which Pakistan would re-join, but Bahadur Shah Zafar’s “Hind”, which we would we rebuilding. But first, let’s re-build the shared legacy.

  6. Screen Sifar Says:

    I agree and I think that we should think together.We should make the One State Solution Week a time of hot debate and create stimulus for people in the three countries to think about specific issues of communalism in the three countries with their respective histories…

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