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responses to Overkill September 3, 2008

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The explanation of overkill as read by me in this mail, is according to me is of single dimension, the very expression overkill has many other facets also.
Overkill also refers to efforts to overdo any good so that the doer gets more credit than he /she deserves.”India shining”   campaign was the immediate incident that came to my mind in overkill of advertisements of NDA for general elections.
The response and the negative campaign by “secular” media on India Shining and expression that 250 crores were spent for this campaign was another example of overkill by some blacksheep in media. The very same media is now quiet about the overkill of UPA which is releasing government advertisments like Delhi dreams, by delhi government where the back of the CM limping towards her dreams is ghastly, favours being given to channel for the sting operation for cash for votes. !
So also as the farmers are struggling for fertilisers and seeds, the Agriculture minister congratulating the farmers for “bumber” crops, is overkill, as the vidarbha package which went to fill the long deep pockets of sycophants, the advertisement is appearing only in one channel, CNN-IBN is ghastly overkill for the favours done by the channel to promote the public opinion to the party in its failing  image of lack of governance.
The overkill by media in Jammu and Srinagar is so blatant that the journalists of the visual media are now percieved as mouth pieces of Congress, as the Home Minister and Prime Minister have no stake in managing the good governance as both are nothing to loose as they are nominees to post, not elected to posts. The performance if satisfies the madam, they are sure to be in governance,let the citizens be damned with bad governance.!

Rajen Uppinangadi


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