One State Solution.

links for 2008-08-23 August 24, 2008

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‘Over-Kill’ is a confrontational space.


This event is really a vent, to all that you have accumulated against the ‘other’.

Load your ammunition and fire.

Drop the Bomb.Carry out the pogroms.This forum is your punching bag.

Key questions will be asked.

Deliverance is awaited.Redemption is the only way forward.

Over-Kill is an online discussion party that explores the joy in hurling abuses and bringing out the pent up hatred in all of us.
For years we South-Asians have nurtured fine strands of pure aggression and distaste over each other’s cultures.Starting tomorrow, we will begin to unearth them, and string them together to create a medley, a veritable symphony of exacerbic old world prejudices and fears.


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