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links for 2008-05-14 May 15, 2008

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3 Responses to “links for 2008-05-14”

  1. Ashiq Lukman Says:

    It is really a sad thing for the human beings, which is going on through out India through years, no matter who’s blood stained hands are behind this.

    As everyone know it’s a usual practice among politicians in India & Pakistan to blame each other and make their people believe what they say, even before they could know what has happened, to rally the people for their political motives, which are basically sectarian or the same widens the wound of divisions by pouring more pepper.

    Here the social activists or those who want to see justice, waits for the investigation to end to make their statements, by the time the politicians have had their mileage, instilling the hatred theory on the people. Here, I think those who are on the side of justice , need to speakout as like politician , though it’s bitter, to see that the hatred doesn’t spread, press on quick investigation, explain the general mass against the motives behind the politicians etc; If somebody make a coordination of the said people from different parts of India and they intervene at the right time for the good of the people alone, can make a lot of difference.

    Now, the question remains still to be discovered, what is the prompt US alert in this matter ?. If we don’t forsee it as early as possible, the damage will be beyond expectation, than the bomb blast (who has done this ? still a question mark so far!).

    Thanks & Regards

  2. amitabha Says:

    It is really a matter of concern for all of us living under the shade of a kind of pseudo democracy where opinion of the mass is always misdirected and manipulated by the political forces. In this condition social activists and concerned people across the globe need to come together to coupe up with the highly organized and manipulative political ideologies ( if we can call it an ideology). It is surely a language of hatred what this political forces practice and make people fall under the trap of it. So, who has a head has to bear the headache to spread the right kind of consciousness around the territories and people…and we should non forget that common people are not fools, they also understand the cleverness of this political game but their thoughts never get organized and pitched to the appropriate front. We in our label best have to try through every possible medium to organize and channelize these voices against this global disease of hatred and bigotries of politics. Lets come together. Amen….

  3. This morning’s news said that it was an Indian Mujahideeen group that claimed responsibility.
    You all know that Rajasthan is one of the most communal states after Gujarat.
    My own sense is that the problem could be very local.

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