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links for 2008-05-12 May 13, 2008

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One Response to “links for 2008-05-12”

  1. Ashiq Lukman Says:

    Ashiq Lukman

    8:50am May 12th

    I’m not able to go to your said link. The website is getting blocked. Here in UAE, the internet in a way is very strong. If there is any obscene photo or words in the site they have an automatic blocking system. The other ways it may get blocked, if there is full freedom for uploading rights. you just need to go to the siteblocking website and get the permission, I suppose.

    Please do inform me as you do these procedures, so that I can also learn.

    Thanks & Regards

    Ashiq Lukman Mizanur Rahman
    Add as Friend
    6:13pm May 12th
    Report MessageMan u r so rite! Etisalat can be such a pain in the ass sumtimes!

    Anyways, let me see what I can do about this. Meanwhile you can use ewap/mobile internet to check out the site on a big screen cellphone. It won’t give you all the functions, but u will get the feel of it, at least.

    I will get back to u in a few days. And thanks 4 taking an active interest in our work!


    Mizanur Rahman
    AssociationBreak Ashiq Lukman

    7:12pm May 12th
    I don’t have that opportunity now, No probs, I will wait for you to get back.


    Ashiq Lukman

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