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Some opinions April 30, 2008

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These are from a Bangalore based movie-discussion group called Collective Chaos.

Collective Chaos is a provocative space that encourages free and diverse discussions on individual, society and nature and thier continuing conflicts. ‘Chaos’ characterises the spirit of free and diverse viewpoints possible on social, cultural and political aspects of the society.’

An invitation to the One State Solution e-group was sent to the group, and it initiated this discussion, from which here are some exerpts:

As a person of English origin, I’d just like to say that the idea of a unified Europe once seemed absurd, but the ECE did become a reality. Pakistan, India and Bangla Desh WERE one unified country not so long ago, historically. The present India/Pakistan animosity is absurd and dangerous. Some kind of reunification would make a LOT of sense. It’s probably inevitable. But it’s in the FAR future, unfortunately.
~ Eric Lord


The partition of the Indian subcontinent has a very different (colonial) history and origin, and socio-economic conditions here of course are very different as compared to a prosperous Europe. Yet, I have argued that even today the Indian state presents a remarkable example of integration that the EU and others can study – effectively, it is hundreds of (what elsewhere would be called) nationalities tied in within a federal rubric. No doubt the national institutions creak and often abuse their citizens, but the trajectory could have been far worse. While many EU citizens feel threatened and challenged by the appearance of just one new religion on their horizon – Islam – they may benefit from studying the successes and failures of how minority questions have been and are being dealt with in India, anthropologically the most diverse nation in the world – with 200 distinct languages, 2000 endogamous communities, 4 major religions, not to mention classes and other sharp differences.

As the homogeneity spawned by modernity increasingly challenges India’s model of diversity, I personally believe it may be better for India to become more rather than less federal, so that 20-30 years from now the individual components of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will find its less threatening to join such a more decentralized Indian federation.



Totally agree with you Sarang.Well thought and well written.

What we need is a decentralised approach rather than a unitary one.But even then Pakistan joining it, is an extremely remote possibility.The way ” hate” in infused in the school history books as well as by general media in Pakistan ,I do not see another 2 or 3 generations even giving it a shot.

But on the contrary a common pakistani loves india and buys “STARDUST” in black on the streets of lahore.

However sad as it seems common man does no decide the fate of the nations at least not in the subcontinent (and definately not without blood and revolution anywhere else in the world).Politicians decide it and everybody knows how they think.

They need the ongoing feud …its the bromide which they feed to common people which makes them think less and lesser.

I myself would love the idea of having one nation but under the present situation it seems even impossible to draw the terms.

A free economic zone would be helpful (or do they already have it under SAARC?) but then you never know how much security threat that would pose.We need to have GRC policy for that.

On the other hand a federal state would solve problems of north eastern states and any other states that dont identify them with indian diaspora in terms of national language etc.

But thanks Raeema …..for initiating something like this.

My heart is with you on this cause but rationale and logic is not.


Abhijeet Dudhagi


4 Responses to “Some opinions”

  1. shailly Says:

    the blog atleast is opening up possibilities of intriguing people to react to something like One state… may be it sounds oblique but a blog\ if made divergent to catch the attention of the masses it will certainly help to diffuse one decimal of hatred AND will increase one decimal of love — i m optimistic on that 🙂

    .. like sharing pictures, description and addresses of each others (pakistani+ indian+bangladeshi) local hangouts, local religious places such as,temples, mosque,dargahs etc., favourite eating joint— this is jus an idea to give us opputunity to know more abt each others country… familiarity which will help us to identify with each other better— and also will bring US to the conclusion— that deep down inside WE are alike


  2. Ashiq Lukman Says:

    Let the awareness of oneness of human being (brotherhood) get spread to the extent that, the revolution is about to burstout like a pressure cooker, those who work for it need not get the lid off even at the last moment from still making awareness among the people, to give the revolution an automatic move towards it’s success (concept from the “The Unthinkable Revolution In Iran” – Charles Kurzman),M1


  3. Ali Says:

    Dear Abhijeet Dudhagi,

    You said “The way ” hate” in infused in the school history books as well as by general media in Pakistan”,

    I say

    I think your remarks equally suggest hate that is infused in India for Pakistan, through school history books and as well as by General Media in India. This is not unilateral, if Pakistan has made mistakes so did India. Don’t just blame Pakistan for it, I have seen and witnessed how Indians think about Pakistan..most of my paternal relatives live in Saharanpur….
    First try to change your curricullum, After all it is Indian claim of ALWAYS initiating “first step”

  4. Screen Sifar Says:

    We have a long way to go.
    If the three States have to come together then we’ll have to start at the level of culture and local organisation, and all the rest will take some more time to change.

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