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White Ribbon Campaign kicks off in Baroda! March 28, 2008

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The Maula Baksh Performing Arts Faculty in Baroda has been the breeding ground for many star talents in the arts. And yesterday, as part of World Theatre Day, the Faculty staged “Jayaz Hatyaare”, a play set during the Freedom Movement about a group of revolutionaries whose tactical use of killing and bombs asks questions about the nature of both activism and life. Directed by Vaibhav Soni , the ensemble was both nuanced and well fleshed out and carried off both the gravity and levity of the activist’s call.

After the play I spoke with the cast and backstage team about the White Ribbon Campaign and handed out some White Ribbons to them. The idea was well received and I hope that they look at the OSS blog and get involved. I spoke to them about using art and culture as a means to bring about ways of dealing with the communal conflict. In Gujarat this is as felt as it is seen, so I don’t think that there were any lapses in communication.


4 Responses to “White Ribbon Campaign kicks off in Baroda!”

  1. amitabha Says:

    its great….how can i be a part of it…

  2. Johny Jagannath Says:

    Nice to hear that, Screen. Like Amitabha, I’d like to be able to be a part of this campaign too. It’s just I’ve been very busy the last few days and I did not find the time to see what is going on here. But I do get your emails and I am checking them from time to time.

  3. Screen Sifar Says:

    This is great you guys…Keep up the enthusiasm. Amitabh, you are one of this campaign’s leading lights in Baroda, and I hope you will stay involved…
    Johny, you have been a great support in the past and do you want to be a key contact for the Campaign in Bangalore?

  4. Johny Jagannath Says:

    Sure, I’d love to!

    I am sorry, Rahi, I’ve been kinda busy the last two months and I have not been able to dedicate as much time as I would like to have. So yes I am looking forward to this.

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