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Neanderthal Man: Too cautious to survive? March 13, 2008

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Scientist finds a “Special Death Gene”.

An anthropologist has extracted a gene from Neanderthal skeletons that he says explains the disappearance of this subspecies. “People don’t realize that Neanderthals actually had stronger brains than the modern Cro-Magnon men. They were stronger and tougher than Cro-Magnons came on the scene. Why, then did the Neanderthals die out?”
The answer, according to Professor Sheldon Harmon of the University of Wisconsin, was that the Neanderthals carried a gene that led them to resist change. “Neanderthals were the first environmentalists. They created a lifestyle in harmony with nature. They limited game hunting, and they controlled tool use. But the same ethos also made them intensely conservative and resistant to change. They disapproved of the newcomer Cro-Magnons, who painted caves, made elaborately decorated tools and who drove whole herds of animals over cliffs, causing species extinction. Today we consider the cave paintings a wondrous development. But the Neanderthals regarded them so much as graffiti. They saw it as prehistoric tagging. And they viewed the elaborate Cro-Magnon tools as wasteful and destructive of the environment. They disapproved of these innovations, and they stuck to the old ways. Eventually, they died out as a species.”
However, Harmon insists that the Neanderthals bred with the modern Cro-Magnons. “They unquestionably did because we have identified this same gene in modern human beings. This gene is clearly a Neanderthal remnant and it promotes cautious or reactionary behavior. Many of the people who today wish to return to the glorious past, or at the very least wish to keep things as they are, are driven by this same Neanderthal gene”. Harmon described the gene as modifying dopamine receptors in the lateral posterior singulate gyrus and in the right frontal lobe. “There’s no question about this mode of action”, he said.
Harmon’s claim has provoked a firestorm of criticism from academic colleagues. Not since E O Wilson published his sociobiology thesis two decades ago has such furious controversy erupted. According to Columbia University geneticist Vartan Gorvald, Harmon was injecting politics into what should be a purely scientific inquiry.
“Not at all,” Harmon said. “The gene is present in both Neanderthals and modern humans. Its action has been confirmed in scans of brain activity. The correlation between this gene and reactionary behavior is indisputable. It’s not a matter of politics, of left or right, it’s a question of basic attitude-whether you are open to the future or fearful of it. Whether you see the world as emergent or deteriorating. We have long known that some people favor innovation look positively toward the future, while others are frightened of change and want to halt innovation. The dividing line is genetic and represents the presence or absence of the Neanderthal gene.”

Article reference from Science Magazine’s “News of the Week” by Michael Chrichton in ‘Next’.


Evolution ? Modern Folklore?


White Ribbon Arts Collective.


All we are saying, is give peace a chance.


12 Responses to “Neanderthal Man: Too cautious to survive?”

  1. Jake Says:

    This the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. I can’t believe this imbecile is an actual professor at a state university. This isn’t science, this is the craziest kind of half-baked speculation.

    And on such a ridiculous site. I support the No State Solution: let the Pakis and Indians nuke each other out of existence. Everybody wins except the wogs, and no one cares about them.

  2. Goth Says:

    Nice article, however, I would be of the opinion that on the right is the cro(w) magnum (cum laude), and on the left, a delegate of neanderthalis, homo saps having been deposited elsewhere.

  3. Daniel Cook Says:

    Excellent article, do not worry about the ignorant children who get angry over truth, truth hurts they say!

  4. william b Says:

    Sub-Saharan Africans do not have neanderthal genes. All non Africans have some neanderthal genes. If his hypothesis is true than not exhibiting cautious or reactionary behavior and favoring innovation and looking positively toward the future are the default characteristics of Africans.

  5. jess Says:

    so does this gene also potentially have predetermined statistics on ones life experience do to this genetic personality trait…?

  6. bohicalyme Says:

    Um, you guys do realize that this is a quotation from a work of fiction, yes? The blogger did and notes it as such. Also if you check the fictitious work – NEXT, you will note that author Michael Crichton lists this as fiction in the bibliography in the back of the book – where he clarifies real vs not real for those, like the above who are apparently confused.

  7. I don’t know what wogs are but, fiction or not, “This gene is a Neanderthal remnant and it promotes cautious, or reactionary behavior..a return to the glorious past,to the Good Old Days(sic)” sounds. a lot like “Make America Great Again!”.. “people fearful of the future Who see world as deteriorating not emergent..Angry people, strong competitive people, who would use violence to protect their Neandertal Legacy

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