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Obama for a new world. February 19, 2008

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In the unlikely story of any new world, there has never been anything false about ‘ H O P E ‘.

Yes We Can!


5 Responses to “Obama for a new world.”

  1. anasuya Says:


    While the message of hope is always inspiring, we need to be careful of the ways in which we endorse those somewhat distant from us. Obama is inspiring in many ways – not least because he is the first black man who might potentially be President of the US – but there are problems of policy that should not be overlooked. The one most relevant here is his claim that if Osama Bin Laden should be found on the territories of Pakistan, he would have no hesitation in sending the troops in. That is frightening and unworthy of a man speaking of change. It is particularly unwelcome to a group like this, don’t you think?

  2. Screen Sifar Says:

    Yes.I understand that his stand on terrorism is extreme.
    And I know that he thinks that Pakistan is one of the primary sources for global terror.
    But I think that the problems notwithstanding, Obama is a good leader.
    This debate will continue.But you are right, I need to be more careful.

  3. Yoda Says:

    I agree with anusuya. America has taken such an extreme and jaundiced view of islam, and supported zionism for so long with unquestioning funds, that it is inevitable that they will crusade against it for the next 50 – 100 years *no matter who’s in office*. Whether it’s Obama or Hillary or Huckabee — the war won’t end.

    It’s a nation devoid of any rational behaviour these days.

    [Nice promo though.:]

  4. Screen Sifar Says:

    Speaking from India one knows that America’s wars in the Middle East have only slightly hindered India from striking up deals with them. We just went through the rough arguments over the 123 Agreement.
    Whoever comes into office will play a strong role in world politics.And among these people Barack Obama comes across as most people friendly.
    If Obama does get elected, that means we could expect more reasonable decisions being made with respect to this part of the world.That’s a hope.:)

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