One State Solution.

Speaking secularism and meaning it. February 13, 2008

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The White Ribbon Arts Collective is a group of individuals from across the sub-continent committed to redefining secularism in today’s context.

While setting up a goal as big as a One State Solution seems suicidal to many people, I gather that there are also others out there who think that this possible and worth doing.

While we are all harrowed by the erosion of the secular fabric within the subcontinent, bringing our energies together will give us the momentum we need to see this through.

Do you need convincing? Do you need to be nudged out your and our dormancy?

Among the tasks that I envision us performing are sustaining the blog, and organising diverse initiatives under White Ribbon in order to strenghten and sustain your own idea of what it means to be tolerant, secular and plural.


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2 Responses to “Speaking secularism and meaning it.”

  1. amitabha Says:

    thanks, this is possible..and we should do it….we have to clear off the garbages and foul bagages of the last century….basically the acceptance of partition by our so called great leaders…

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