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Getting it started! January 31, 2008

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Date: 31st January 2008.

Time: 12.45 pm Indian Standard Time,

Place: IRC chatroom>DALnet, at Coffeeday, debates.

Mission: Moot the idea.Seems like there are not a lot of South Asians on this room, but since Turquoise and Saint Light Storm are known figures here, and I’m new to IRC we’re going to start here.

How to get there: Get Mozilla Firefox.Download Chatzilla from your ‘tools’ bar,and when you’re there, look for DALnet and get in.

I promise to relay some updates here after we’re done chatting.We will be there for approximately 20-30 minutes today, since we’re starting late.Wish us luck, and if you can make it, see you there!


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