One State Solution.

White Ribbons! January 3, 2008

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Dear reader, the purpose of this elementary address is not to torture you, although I get the sense that you are seeking direction. I could only confound you. I could blind you, or choose to be oblivious like the rest of the world is.


Haphazardly, we could attain distance and then pretend that everything is actually o k. But its not. You and I, we are the hope.


The White Ribbon Campaign is something you are going to hear about often, from now on. On the 13th of December 2007, we had a White Ribbon revival meeting at Bangalore. That was four people. Turqouise or Sujatha, Johny Jagannath, Sebastian Devaraj and me.


Turqiouse is a woman who leads a life very sheathed in mystery, and is the coolest person on your neck of the IRC Dalnet woods.She’s spent most of her life in the Service sector and is a passionate animal rights worker. She’s sustained a hundred myths and will continue to burst forth a lot more. She doesn’t like messing with people and since this beginning to get a little intricate, I will spare you all the details.


Johny Jagannath is more veiled than I am. He expects a lot of difficulties on our journeys of communal reconciliation.I’m just glad that he’s a part of this.


Sebbi Devaraj is the hardest nut to crack.He works with issues of labour among other things at Fedina in Bangalore.With a career in the Karnataka State Government behind him and a formidable journey as a human rights activist, he still is the freshest among us, if you don’t count Turqouise’s cyber personae.


The juice from the meeting is that we’re up and about, and you can catch us talking about peace and communal harmony among other things, and among other places at the IRC channel that Johny Jagannath is going to set up, on the Dalnet server(?).It’s going to be called One State Solution.


Sebastian Devaraj is credited with the Question of the day, “How is this idea of a one State solution different from the RSS’s idea of the ancient Bharata Varsha, stretching out from Afghanistan to Sri Lanka?

The answers are simple. That this is an idea that is based on reconciliation of communal conflict.


The idea of uniting people based on a common consciousness and a sense of belonging, with a positive attitude towards the future is what we’re about.


See you around!


3 Responses to “White Ribbons!”

  1. Johny Jagannath Says:

    Awesome article. 🙂

  2. Johny Jagannath Says:

    I registered a chat room titled, “One State Solution”. Were you able to log on to the Dalnet?

  3. Screen Sifar Says:

    Not yet, but I will once I’m settled.

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