One State Solution.

One State Solution.The Blog. October 16, 2007

It’s now a blog.


It’s now also a blog.


During OSSW’07( One State Solution Week, 2007), I wasn’t entirely for having a centralised blog because that would mean isolating audience on one portal, and this event was supposed to have happened on various blogs.


But for all our future campaigns in order to gather consciousness, thinking, action and people, we have a blog.


And it is



One Response to “One State Solution.The Blog.”

  1. Ashiq Lukman Says:


    This looks like the discussions we had with our closest friends during college days, even during off campus hours. Many night-out’s as well.

    While going through these thoughts, we gets refreshing, and feels hope still remains, and very interesting to see that there are many people who thinks of the possibility now than those days of private discussions, “Bravo” to those who are working for these ideas, even when it has more tinge towards the utopia. But I believe that utopian theories having physical presence in the future, if not near at least at a distant generation to come, they will get taken up automatically, if we work consistent and untiring.

    If we read “The Unthinkable Revolution in Iran”, by Charles Kurzman, we get hope for these type of revolutions. It was an impossibility which was made possible by the Iranians, to the extent that, the real revolution was only less than 100 days, which got backing from generations of hardships & efforts.

    Even the partition we had was not something planned by the politicians, but by some of the non resident Indians, sitting somewhere in London, to overcome the communal riots or for some other reasons of their own. We can get a tinge of the information from the book “Searching for Solace – Biography of Allama Yusuf Ali, the Quran Translator”, by M. A. Sharif. And we now see that how much inefficient they were to foresee the future, where there are still alarms of the partitions on different levels, at the same time we have more riots in post independence than when it was undivided.

    Let us raise this slogan or trend loudly and as wide as possible, with the hope some other day it will get materialized for the common good of human beings and work hard for the same. In the near past we had a model & hope where in Berlin wall has been demolished for unification. Where as the wall which we have to demolish has been built and the boundaries has been created is in the peoples mind, which is much stronger than the physical one created in LOC’s.

    Let us look further up, where in we should think that the whole world is ours – “One World & harmony in human co-existence”. This earth is for all the people & for other beings that are living in it, apart from those who control the different areas, as an entrustment. Other part of the world is also in an alarming stage of conflict and killings, where they require salvation from the problems they are facing. If each person can be united as some sort of brotherly relation, we will have less killings in whatever reason, more environmental protection, more rights from restricted rights, equitable sharing of resources etc;

    What is the way for that? I think we have many models and ideologies which can be used for the betterment of the situation. What I find is the teachings of Rishis, Saints and Sufis. Their dressings were Brotherhood, communications were Love and their flags were helping the needy…….

    Best of luck for all the good (differs for different person) that you aspire for.

    Thanks & Regards

    Ashiq Lukman

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