One State Solution.

Where is the other in you? September 26, 2007

What you said about the One State Solution Week, 2007.


Two responses of ‘mainstream’ women.

‘I think the question – and therefore a possible ‘answer’ – can be phrased differently. What needs to help the violence in the sub-continent abate? What do we need to do for peace?


And one possible solution to that is not, I personally feel, a campaign against nations and nationalities because that can be historically difficult to comprehend and to change; it is to turn the issue of borders upside down, and to recognise that so much of nationhood is ‘imagined communities’ – different depending on who imagines, and what they imagine… In which case, we can be one state of mind… one state of imagined peace, of harmony, of non-violence. Some of us across the artificial, geographical borders of South Asia already do – to some extent – share this state of being. We share cultural habits of hospitality, social habits like films (!) and best of all, political beliefs in peace.


However, for the future, this imagined community needs to be louder, more visible, more powerful. It needs to express this vision of a shared sub-continent of peace. And pragmatically, it needs to push the fact that cooperation, rather than conflict, is better for trade, for finance, for security and ultimately, for the well-being of our people.’

Anasuya Sengupta, ‘One State of Mind‘.

One state solution is a very attractive idea but i don’t think it is feasible. I know I speak very bluntly and seculars don’t like my views. But I speak what I really feel; I don’t care for secular image/credentials.


Why this idea is not possible because
(1) Muslims cannot live peacefully with other communities.


(2)Hindus in pre-partition society were different, they were naive, they were ready to go to any extent to appease their Muslim ‘brothers’. It was easy for mahatmas to suppress feelings of those wounded refugees who had to leave their everything in Pakistan.
Now I don’t think Hindus can be fooled so easily.


(3)seculars (of course Hindus) will never try to understand the real nature of the problem so naturally whenever any communal problem arises they try to equate RSS with Muslim fanatics/terrorists, secondly they will always remember ‘Gujarat’ but will never dare to mention ‘Kashmir’. (See your mail in which you have done the same thing).
As long as these seculars exist in the society communal tension will always prevail.


If Muslims follow leaders like dr. APJ Abdul Kalam or Jinnah of 1920 then only Hindus should support One State Solution.’


Vedavati Jogi, in response to an initiatory mail.




*Please note: the graph is an artistic statement, and was not plotted with demographical data.Any dispute/protest is welcome.And the two responses are set-up by way of contrast, not comparision.


4 Responses to “Where is the other in you?”

  1. anasuya Says:

    can i please not be called ‘mainstream’? i have no idea what it means, but it gives me nightmares to be called it. thank you. πŸ™‚

  2. Screen Sifar Says:

    I’m so sorry.I don’t know what it means either, but when I think about it, and I have to, the ‘mainstream’ is a relative term.Are you more likely , for example, to be absorbed into the Indian State’s ideas of progress, reform and nurturing than , for example, a Muslim or Dalit woman from Raichur or Belgaum or even Bangalore?
    You are more ‘mainstream’ than some ‘other’ people, is what I mean.This wasn’t to bracket you, but I had to see this from where I stand πŸ˜‰
    But your doubts are well recognised and well taken.

  3. Raza Rumi Says:

    This is a very interesting post – and I enjoyed browsing through your blog..
    thanks for linking my site here..(will reciprocate soon)
    cheers Raza

  4. johny jagannath Says:

    Screen, you really need to read some history. Muslims have never lived peacefully with any community. Just read up on their history a bit.

    As far as India is concerned: It is estimated that about 60-80 million hindus may have died owing to the Islamic invasion in India. And that is a big number. What makes you think the two communities will ever live together in peace? Can you just forget the past and pretend like it never occured? What makes you think such a thing will not happen all over again? 9/11 proves they are not done yet. Your One State Solution is just a dream, Screen. I dont see how muslims will ever learn to peacefully with other communities.

    If you can prove to me that they can, I will support your One State Solution. Otherwise we are just wasting our times. This is a lost cause.

    I know you are from Gujarath and you seem quite passionate about the recent riots, and that may have led to create this One State Solution.

    But what you fail to understand is, India has suffered a lot at the hand of muslims and this anger towards muslims goes back a long way in our histroy. All the way upto when first Islamic invasions took place in India.

    Just so you understand the scale of suffereing India has been through. Read this….

    “These massacres perpetrated by Moslems in India are unparalleled in history. In sheer numbers, they are bigger than the Jewish Holocaust, the Soviet Terror, the Japanese massacres of the Chinese during WWII, Mao’s devastations of the Chinese peasantry, the massacres of the Armenians by the Turks, or any of the other famous crimes against humanity of the 20th Century. But sadly, they are almost unknown outside India.”

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