One State Solution.

Rationals, please give your views. September 9, 2007

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Have you ever observed?

If i give you a small pabble, can you see the whole small pabble?

whenever you look you see only one aspect, the other is hidden. if you look at the other then the first part is again hidden. even with a small pabble that you can put on your palm, you can not see the whole.
the mind can not see anything whole.

i am looking at you but back is hidden, you are looking at me , my face you see but not back, and you never seen the whole of me.

mind can not see anything whole, it can see only the half, the other half is inferred…
it is an enference, taken for granted that it must be there,coz how can face be there if there is no back?

so we infer that back may be there must be there.

(Views of Phoenix on a thread called ‘Can you see the Whole?’, on, at a community called Rational Behavioural…)




Past, Present, Future.

One State Solution Week.

September 10th to 16th,2007.

Lets be whole again.


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