One State Solution.

Arguments and art made to soften the borders between India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

New ideas September 5, 2019

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Happy 72nd Independence day !! To usher this new Independence day in I give you some insights into my forays.

As an Indian Muslim I have moved to Hyderabad once, following in the footsteps of my great-grand-father, who of course moved during Partition.My move was of a similiar nature , being a young aspiring to be independent woman fraught with various issues.

I moved to Gujarat to get an education.I stayed and tried working on the communalism there.

I moved to Delhi to explore the possibility of being a strong independent working woman.

I moved to Kolkata as a last resort.

I explored the possibility of moving to Bangladesh, fantasylike, my mind contemplating bus and train rides…

In a country where Muslims are increasingly kept under an absentee status, I wonder where else I will have to take my tired body.Do share your stories…







The Queer Muslim project annual retreat!! February 6, 2019

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I attended the first Queer Muslim project retreat in Delhi at ‘Zorba the Buddha’.It was a great experience, attended by scholars, professionals, students…


As a religious minority, I empathize with sexual minorities: M Reyaz July 10, 2018

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Today is an important day for feminists in India because the law prohibiting same sex acts is being debated in the Supreme Court.#scrap377


This is a guest post by M. REYAZ

The Apex Court judgment of December 11, putting aside the Delhi High Court order on decriminalisation of homosexuality, pertaining to Section 377 of the IPC has clearly divided into two ‘queer’ camps, where on one side besides LGBTS are those liberals extending their support to the LGBT cause, and on the other side, there are religious leaders and groups, who otherwise would not even see eye to eye with each other (what is ‘queer’ about this second camp is not so much its sexual orientation, as the strangeness of its banding together against queer people despite their antagonism toward each other).

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The 1947 Partition Archive April 16, 2018

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This is a museum dedicated to preserving the memory of Indian partition, which occurred in 1947.They have programmes for citizen historians interesting in collecting narratives of Partition survivors, and you can work out anywhere in India or Pakistan.

We are concerned global citizens committed to preserving this chapter of our collective history. We come from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, nationalities, and professions. It is our view that a strong foundation in history will pave the way for a more enlightened future for the subcontinent and hence the world. At the moment our team consists of 100% volunteer based staff, interns, advisers and experts who are passionate about preserving the people’s history of Partition.


MAP: Muslim Aks Partition, Making Art Pehechan, Multiple And aPart? September 30, 2014

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kaamil arts circle on the internet

Send us MAPS ! And look at them, just to ascertain the distance between India and Pakistan.

e-mail us at or kaamilartcircle@gmail.comAninditaNeeta_map409_Partition_500Greater-Bengal-Map1india-map-prepartitionMap-Bengalpartition-map

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SOBSD May 3, 2014

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Bangladesh July 28, 2013

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I’m in Kolkata and the nistory is overwhelming.Maybe one day I will visit Bangladesh.


links for 2011-06-10 June 10, 2011

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links for 2011-06-04 June 4, 2011

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links for 2011-01-24 January 24, 2011

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